Christian, Homeschool and Young Earth Creation resources

The CRC Library is a volunteer run ministry and for almost a quarter of a century it has been collecting and making available many of the difficult to find resources that homeschoolers value most.

Our colleLP9ction of Juvenile Fiction and Historical Fiction has over 3,300 titles with the vast majority of them Christian.  We also have many non-fiction juvenile books in a wide range of Christian and Bible topics, and we also have a special section just for Pre-teens.

Our Teen Fiction and Non-Fiction books are all Christian books designed to help your teen navigate through the multitude of issues confronting young people today and include such subjects as: Peer Pressure; Body Image; Christian Answers for a Secular world; Developing a Christian Worldview; and Spiritual Growth.  We also have a large selection of books dealing with the Christian view of Sex & Teen Dating.

For Pre-school and younger children we have a large selection of board books and picture books, with the most helpful teaching resources gathered into sections called Learning About: the Christian Life; God; Christian Character; the Bible and Life in General.

We have an extensive collection of Christian and missionary biographies which includes: The Sower Series; Adventures of Faith and Courage; Men and Women of Faith, YWAM’s Christian Heroes Then and Now; Beautiful Feet Biographies; Heroes of the Faith; Today’s Heroes; and Moody’s Daughters of the Faith and many others.

At the CRC Library you can get the resources to strengthen your family relationships and resist the forces that are seeking to splinter Christian families.  Set aside a special family night, to watch one of our Christian or Family videos or DVDs from our collection of almost 500 films or enjoy one of our 100 Christian Comedy performances.LP7

The library started as a Young Earth Creation Science library and has always maintained this worldview as a special emphasis.  On this subject we have adult books for the lay-person as well as more technical books.  Plus we have an extensive collection of DVD lectures on every aspect of the Creation/Evolution issue and of course many books, DVDs and videos for children.

Here you will find topics and answers you would never find in public libraries, on TV, in public museums or in the media.  Topics such as: Dinosaurs, Dragons and the Bible; How Noah’s Flood is connected to the Ice Age; Evolution’s Fatal Flaws; How most land surfaces can only be adequately explained by a World Wide Flood; How the rapid deterioration of the human genetic code deals a death blow to the evolutionary theory.

So why buy all the materials you need when you can borrow them from the CRC Library.

Yearly Memberships are $30 a year or $15 for 6 months